Royal City Musical Productions Inc. is a registered charity
(Registration #: BN: 119128833RR0001).

RCMPI has been entertaining Guelph audiences for 40 years. Not just “putting on a show”, but offering high-quality entertainment. Not bad for a group of volunteers! Each and every one of us should take pride in being a part of the RCMPI family and its success story. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to this company.

However, we are only stewards of this movement that began in 1978 when another group of dedicated volunteers had the vision to produce high caliber, Broadway style shows right here in Guelph.

The RCMPI Board of Directors has a vision for our 40th anniversary and need your support to help realize this vision. RCMPI is embarking on a fundraising initiative which we are calling The RCMPI Fund.

Our primary goal for The RCMPI Fund is to help offset the cost of a new youth initiative. The company will develop a vehicle to feature the onstage talents of our youth performers. This new addition to the RCMPI production line-up will create an avenue for aspiring young performers to hone their craft, to ignite their passion for live theatre while creating leadership opportunities to cultivate the future of our company. A future which will continue RCMPI’s vision of producing quality, musical theatre in Guelph and the surrounding area. After 40 years it is time to include a dedicated production starring our young performers.

In addition to the youth production, in this 40th year, a portion of The RCMPI Fund, will help offset some of the rising operational costs associated with running a musical theatre company. Countless volunteers donate about 20,000 hours of their time year towards RCMPI shows. Even with the colossal volunteer effort, show tickets sales cover about 75% of the costs of mounting shows. The remainder of the money required comes through membership, fundraising events, corporate sponsorship and charitable donations from our members and community supporters.

It is our hope that your dedication to the company and your positive experiences being involved in any of our productions will make you consider RCMPI as your charity of choice for 2018.

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If you can donate your time to help with a show - in any capacity - please contact us through our contact form and we'll be in touch.