It is the policy of Royal City Musical Productions Inc. (RCMPI) to collect and retain personal information on members, past members, contacts and suppliers to provide good communications to promote the activities of RCMPI.

    1. This policy is intended to address the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPED act) that started to come into effect across Canada on January 1, 2001.
    2. As RCMPI does not currently engage in any commercial with respect to the personal information collected, the provisions of the PIPED act do not apply. If this situation changes, this policy will need to be updated accordingly.
    3. In spite of the exemption provided in PIPED to charitable organizations that are not engaged in commercial activity, it is prudent to have a policy on the collection and use of personal information. This policy in intended to provide consistency in the use of information and to outline the efforts required to protect the information.

Information Collected:

RCMPI will collect personal information including name, address, telephone number, email address and membership level (as available) for current and potential members. RCMPI may also collect personal information that is useful in the operation of its activities; including: age, skills and interests relevant to RCMPI. RCMPI may also collect other information specific to a particular production as deemed necessary by the producer. This information will be kept separate from the general membership information.

Information for Minors

(Individuals under the age of 16): RCMPI often uses minors in its productions. Parental or Guardian consent must be obtained prior to collecting information from (or for) minors. The parent or guardian should be given a copy of this policy. Special consideration should be given to requests from parents or guardians of minors regarding the use of information for minors and the length of time the information is kept on file.

Intended Use:

RCMPI will use personal information collected in the management and operation of the company and to inform members and potential members of current activities, opportunities and community events.

Collection of Information:

Personal information is currently collected using paper membership forms. RCMPI may use electronic means to collect information.

Storage of Information / Access to information:

Personal Information collected by RCMPI will be kept in either paper or electronic format and will be the responsibility of the chair of the membership committee or other person designated by the board (Responsible Person). The Responsible Person will take reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is protected from loss and/or misuse.
The Responsible Person will control access to the personal information in his/her care and will be guided by the Board on the appropriate use of the information.
Anyone who has provided personal information that is held by RCMPI, may request to view that information and may ask that the information is updated or removed.
Unless a specific request is received to remove information or a specific request is made to retain information, personal information of potential members will be removed within 5 years of the information being collected or within 5 years from the most recent active membership date whichever is later.

Limit of Use:

By default, personal information will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected. RCMPI members may be given the option to allow the Responsible Person to divulge personal information at his/her discretion to promote the interests of the individual.
If a use other than that stated (or generally implied) when the information was collected is anticipated, the individuals affected should be given the option to remove their information.
Unless otherwise stated when the information was collected, personal information will be used solely for the purposes of the operation of the company.
Specifically: personal information will not be shared with, or disclosed to, other organizations or individuals; personal information will not be sold or otherwise distributed outside of RCMPI.
Care will be taken to protect individuals information when multiple contacts are included in an informational mailing.

Use of Information During Productions:

Personal information collected by RCMPI may be provided to production staff involved in a current production to facilitate communication with cast and crew. Individuals to whom this information is provided must undertake to respect the sensitivity of the information and take reasonable precautions to safeguard the information from loss or misuse. In addition, the producer may collect additional personal information that is relevant to the production (e.g. costume measurements). The purpose for collecting any information under this section must be clearly communicated to the individual from whom the information is being collected at the time the information is collected. All such information must be appropriately safeguarded and must be disposed of or deleted within a reasonable time after the end of the production .